Intensive general English

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Our intensive courses are designed to give you the skills you need to converse with your colleagues in the English language as quickly as possible. At the British Language Institute we understand that putting a new language into practice can be a daunting prospect at first, but by learning intensively your confidence will grow as your knowledge of the language increases. Some people who do our courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest. Whatever your reason for learning English, we promise to give you practical language skills to help you in the future.

This course is designed for mature, motivated adults who need to improve their English language skills either for general use or more specifically for their work or study.

Your training programme will be enjoyable as well as effective! Our Intensive Language Courses will provide you with a real sense of achievement after only a few days, equipping you with the language tools you need

Our Intensive General English is a highly practical course which helps motivated adults to develop their knowledge, skills and fluency in English. Experienced trainers use dynamic teaching methods and engaging materials to deliver measurable results. We also run regular progress tests to ensure effective learning.

Course levels 2-6
Course days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (12h00-15h00)

Course fees: 90.000f
Course duration: 50hrs, 3hrs per lesson & 3 days per week

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