General and Professional English Language Training Courses

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British Language Institute has provided world-class English language training to corporate clients in Douala & Yaoundé for over 8 years.

At the British #Language Institute, we specialize in helping businesses in Douala & Yaoundé to thrive in international markets by giving them the language skills they need for effective communication. We tailor our language training courses to your unique business requirements, and they are specifically designed to deliver excellent results as quickly as possible.
Why Choose the British Language Institute?

1) Total Flexibility
We know that different people work better in different situations; you can choose to have one-to-one training or learn in small homogeneous groups of 5, 10 or 15 colleagues of about the same level.

2) Learn wherever and whenever is best for you
We know that you are busy; so our tutors come to you so you don’t need to travel. Flexible training schedules at a time, place, and pace to suit you

3) Focus on what you need to learn
Your course will be tailored to incorporate the words, phrases and terminology you really need. Be it in Aviation, Hotel & Catering, Marketing & Advertising, Banking & Finance, sea faring, Oil & Gas, Oral Communication, Customer Services, Report writing, presentation of projects etc

4) Highly qualified and experienced language trainers who specialize in getting results
Whatever you need, however quickly you need it, and whenever you are available, we can address all of your business language training needs. Our tutors have been chosen not only for their skills and experience, but also their ability to make learning engaging, effective and fun. This ensures your employees get the best possible results from their language courses.

5) General English programs from Beginner - Advanced levels
This option gives your employees the possibility to interact, improve and exchange #language skills with level mates of all walks of life.              

Course duration:  50hrs per term (two terms per academic level).
Course dates:  

  • October  –  December
  • January  –   March
  • April    –   June
  • July     –   September

Course option: 1 (Tuesdays & Thursdays 2h30min) = 5 hrs a week
Course option: 2 (Mon, Wed & Friday 1h40min) = 5 hrs a week

If you need language #training for your #business, contact us now for free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your needs.

Call us today on 677 500 371 / 233 425 145 or email: to talk about how our dedicated language courses could improve your business.

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