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Cameroon students interested in furthering their education in the UK are required to demonstrate English proficiency and Academic preparedness, in order to gain admission for the degree they seek to obtain. However, there are still some prestigious universities where you can study WITH OR WITHOUT IELTS but will need to show proof of at least C grade in GCE ordinary level. You might also be requested to do the university’s free online test.

For academic preparedness, students MUST present proof of completion of the previous level of education (GCE A/, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree)
For English proficiency, students from #Cameroon require a minimum IELTS ("> score 6.0 for under graduate programmes 6.5 for postgraduate programmes unless you are going to a university that does not require #IELTS

The UK admission periods;
The UK #Education System has entries in January, February, May, August, September and October with main entries in January and September.


  •    Under graduate foundation programmes,
  •    Under Graduate Programmes,
  •    Graduate Programmes (Taught and Research)
  •    Post Graduate (Taught and Research)
  •    Certificate and Diploma programmes for Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate programmes.



  •    Undergraduate Studies:  minimum of 4 million FCFA a year
  •    Graduate Studies:  minimum of 4.5 million FCFA a year


  •    Undergraduate studies: minimum of 6 million FCFA a year
  •    Graduate Studies: minimum of 7 million FCFA a year
  •    Living Expenses (Accommodation, Feeding, Transportation, Health and Other Amenities)
  •    Ranges from £9135 to £11385 a year.

Why study in the UK

  •   Top educational standards
  •   Full variety of academic degrees
  •   UK degrees are internationally recognized
  •   Attractive job opportunities
  •   Secure comfortable living conditions
  •   International and tolerant community
  •   20 hours work permit during term time and fulltime during holidays

There are lots of different types of full and partial scholarships
e.g: merit scholarships, commonwealth scholarships, developing Countries scholarships, Chevening scholarship, scholarships offered by faculties etc…

Occasional offers/scholarships:

  •    Up to 5000£ scholarship
  •    Up to 3000£ training voucher
  •    Free accommodation for the first term
  •    Six weeks paid post study internship


  •    Birth Certificate
  •    A and O Level Certificate/ Baccalaureat and Probatoire Certificate
  •    University Transcripts and Attestation
  •    Exam Result (IELTS for UKVI,)
  •    Valid Passport
  •    Internship/ Work attestation if applicable
  •    Motivation letter(Why you choose your course of interest) if applicable
  •    Recommendation letterform your teacher
  •    CV

Other services at BLI

  •    General and intensive English language classes
  •    Translation of documents
  •    Summer camps abroad for children (UK, USA, Spain,Canada, Germany)
  •    IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation classes
  •    Registration & online preparation for IELTS, TOEFL.
  •    Canadian Immigration, #Study abroad (#Canada, #UK, USA, #Germany, etc.)
  •    #Visa counselling

PHONE: +237 233 425 145 / 677 500 371
Quality studies, more opportunities


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