The British Language Institute provides expert document translation services for healthcare, education, business, and government organizations in the English and or French languages.

Our comprehensive translation process employs certified translators, editors, and proof-readers to ensure consistent quality results. 

The translation and interpretation services of BLI was established as a response to the language gaps between employers & employees, seminar facilitators & their audiences, educators & students etc.

All of our translators & interpreters are trained, certified and experienced in all industries

Since its inception, BLI translation & interpretation services have grown into the premier full service language access provider in Douala-Cameroon. This success has been achieved by providing high quality interpreting services through trained, certified interpreters; experienced translators producing high quality document translations and we keep building upon the experience gained through these services.

All documents translated by us signed and stamped are valid and accepted in Embassies, Educational Institutions all over the world, local & international organisations amongst others.

Our team of qualified professional translators & interpreters are ready to serve you, please contact us immediately for more details 

Contact: (+237) 677500371 / 233425145

Email: translations[at]

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